David Letterman Presses Al Gore on Oil Money Hypocrisy

David Letterman Presses Al Gore on Oil Money Hypocrisy

In a just world, former Vice President Al Gore would be reduced to a public laughingstock. The guru of global warming lives life as if he’s trying to wield the biggest carbon footprint possible. His doomsday predictions behind “An Inconvenient Truth” look sillier as time marches on. His recent sale of Current TV to oil-rich interests flies in the face of both his green agenda and pro-tax stance.

How blatant is Gore’s hypocrisy? David Letterman of all people called him out on it.

Gore graced Letterman’s studio yesterday, and during their exchange the talk show host uncorked this fair but pointed exchange:

LETTERMAN: Gas and oil. So you’re selling this television network to a gas and oil supported emirate. It’s not an emirate, it’s an independent country.

GORE: One of the emirates. It’s independent. And the closest ally of the U.S. In the Arab world. Our fleet is there.

LETTERMAN: Isn’t that one of the problems with global warming, our dependence on petroleum-producing countries?

GORE: Yes, it is. And they have…

LETTERMAN: So you, Al Gore, are doing business with this country that’s enabling your ultimate foe of climate change.

GORE: I think I understand what you’re getting at, Dave, (Laughter) but I disagree with it. First of all, they have ambitious plans to develop renewables in the region. There’s a visionary plan to take solar energy and wind energy from the Middle East and North Africa to Western Europe. Again, the network that they founded has become a very widely respected news-gathering organization, including on climate issues.

Well, that answers everything.

We’ll see if Jon Stewart dares to ask such basic, unavoidable questions when Gore vists “The Daily Show” tonight.