9/11 Families Dub Efforts to Boycott 'Zero Dark Thirty' 'McCarthy'-like

9/11 Families Dub Efforts to Boycott 'Zero Dark Thirty' 'McCarthy'-like

We’ve already heard from film critics, actors and politicians regarding Zero Dark Thirty, the film depicting the successful hunt for Osama bin Laden.

A trio of senators scorched the film for allegedly showing enhanced interrogation tactics helped nab bin Laden. Far-left actors like Ed Asner pounced on this theme, vowing to boycott the film’s Oscar chances.

Now, families who lost loved ones on 9/11 are raising their voices on the issue. And boy are they angry.

As a group of 9/11 families sharing a rare moment of justice and elation in the viewing of a film chronicling the search for and ultimate death of Osama Bin Laden, we find it deeply disturbing that some of our elected officials want to discourage other 9/11 families and the public from seeing this outstanding film. Politicians who have criticized the movie and made misleading claims about it, stand in the way of engaging a public dialogue for a stirring film which invokes feelings of patriotism and perseverance and honors our military, our country, and the victims of 9/11….

We feel this is history – like it or not -and no effort should be made to rewrite or censor it for political correctness. Certainly there should be no organized boycott or suppression of films based on political differences. The word for that is “censorship.” How bizarre that members of an industry that suffered so much during the McCarthy era would even consider doing this to their own members!

If only members of the Hollywood community would speak out in a similar fashion, not necessarily to applaud the film itself but to critique those who wish to punish the filmmakers and quiet their voices.