Netflix Nation: Streaming Service Debuts 'Cards,' Reaches 25 Percent of Homes

Netflix Nation: Streaming Service Debuts 'Cards,' Reaches 25 Percent of Homes

Netflix’s popular streaming service knows we like to watch our favorite programs in one extended couch session.

It’s why the first season of the network’s original content debut, House of Cards, can now be seen in its entirety. The political drama starring Kevin Spacey as a slick, unethical politician spans 13 episodes, and Netflix subscribers can start watching all 13 right now should they wish.

It’s one reason why Netflix poses such a unique, and formidable, challenge to the cable TV industry. And recently released numbers bear that out. A new survey says Netlix currently reaches 25 percent of all homes, a remarkable figure given the streaming outlet’s relative youth.

The Cards gambit is a sure sign that the entertainment industry takes Netflix seriously. After all, the service lured Oscar-winning director David Fincher to oversee Cards, and the anticipated Arrested Development reunion series will also be seen exclusively on Netflix starting in May.

The company remains the leader in the streaming content field, although major players like Amazon and Redbox could threaten that position in the months to come. Either way, the flexibility and original programming offered by Netflix gives consumers plenty of reason to give it a whirl at less than $10 a month. Meanwhile, cable consumers continue to pay large monthly fees for a gaggle of channels they’ll never, ever watch.