Obama Speechwriter Heading for Hollywood

Obama Speechwriter Heading for Hollywood

Writer Jon Favreau may just be a perfect fit for Hollywood.

Favreau, President Barack Obama’s youthful speech writer, was once photographed groping a cardboard cutout of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. And Favreau served four years with Obama, helping the president pen speeches brimming with straw men, false promises and divisive rhetoric.

That kind of creative background may give Favreau, not to be confused with the actor/director of the same name, a leg up in Tinsel Town. Favreau’s indifferent attitude toward powerful woman won’t seem out of place in the entertainment industry, which has a horrible track record promoting women in critical positions like film didirector.

The Obama touch has already worked wonders for a fellow Obama administration alum.

Favreau plans to stay in Washington for a while, but he has often told friends that he wants to pursue screenwriting, as did former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett, the co-creator of the new comedy “1600 Penn.”

Note: The L.A. Times article detailing Favreau’s new career move conveniently whitewashes the picture accompanying this post.