Andrew Klavan's 'Damnation Street' Coming to Big Screen

Andrew Klavan's 'Damnation Street' Coming to Big Screen

A trilogy of mystery novels from award-winning writer Andrew Klavan will be making its way to the big screen.

Fox Hill Productions has optioned development and production rights to Andrew Klavan‘s mystery trilogy Dynamite RoadShotgun Alley and Damnation Street. Klavan has adapted the trilogy into a screenplay titled Damnation Street, described as a neo-noir thriller about a private detective and a serial killer in pursuit of the same mysterious woman.

Klavan, an unabashed conservative, tells Breitbart News the modern western classic Unforgiven inspired the trilogy.

“I always felt that was a great western that was also a movie about the western, an examination of the heart of those stories. Likewise the Weiss-Bishop books were meant to be top-flight detective stories that were also about detective stories, that held the genre up to the light so to speak,” Klavan says.

Hollywood previously turned two of Klavan’s novels into feature films–True Crime starring Clint Eastwood and Don’t Say a Word featuring Michael Douglas. Klavan also wrote the screenplay for the excellent 1990 thriller A Shock to the System.