'Identity Thief Handcuffed by Critics

'Identity Thief Handcuffed by Critics

Critics couldn’t help themselves from raving over Melissa McCarthy’s performance in the 2011 comedy smash Bridesmaids. The Mike & Molly actress stole so many scenes critics lost count after a while. 

Identity Thief, the comic star’s newest film, is another story.

The film’s Rottentomatoes.com score is currently hovering around 25 percent “rotten,” a poor outing for any film but hardly disastrous. Look closer, and you’ll find some extremely harsh comments from the film critic community.

Identity Thief apparently forgets it was supposed to be a comedy – The Miami Herald

A lot of movies released into theaters deserve the label of “bad.” Only a few cross the line into “reprehensible.” Say hello to Identity Thief – ReelViews

It may be too soon to call Identity Thief the worst film of the year, but there’s no doubt that it will be a contender – New England Movies Weekly

Identity Thief is torture porn. We’ve been using that term wrong for years – CraveOnline

An obnoxious and repulsive comedy that consistently wastes the talents of its two charismatic stars – John Hanlon Reviews

Identity Thief” is not only not funny. It’s negative funny. It’s short on laughs, but it will disturb and annoy – San Francisco Chronicle

There is some good news for Identity Thief. Movie 43 already hit theaters and managed to score even worse reviews.