'Killing Lincoln' Ad Campaign Calls Lincoln Hero, Villain

'Killing Lincoln' Ad Campaign Calls Lincoln Hero, Villain

The marketing team behind the upcoming TV movie Killing Lincoln has two big advantages over its televised competition. Fox News star Bill O’Reilly co-wrote the book the movie is based upon, and President Abraham Lincoln remains arguably the most admired leader in the country’s history.

The film’s promoters apparently decided that edge wasn’t enough, so they created a button-pushing poster which could have admirers of the 16th president up in arms.

The ad in question shows a photograph of President Lincoln with the word “Hero” emblazoned below it. The poster also features the same picture but with the word “Villain” attached.

The pattern is repeated for John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot and killed Lincoln at Ford’s Theater in 1865. The poster dubs him both “Hero” and “Villain.”

Killing Lincoln, narrated by Tom Hanks, debuts on the National Geographic Channel Feb. 17.