Lena Dunham Condemns Seth MacFarlane's Oscar 'Boobs' Number

Lena Dunham Condemns Seth MacFarlane's Oscar 'Boobs' Number

Lena Dunham, whose impeccable taste has catapulted her to Queen of Cool, Chic and Politically Correct, decided that Seth MacFarlane’s Oscar song, “I Saw Your Boobs,” was worthy of condemnation.

Dunham, who has left nothing to the imagination regarding her own torso, started the brouhaha by responding to those women who mocked Anne Hathaway’s inauthentic acceptances at various awards ceremonies.

Dunham tweeted: “Ladies: Anne Hathaway is a feminist and she has amazing teeth. Let’s save our bad attitudes for the ones who aren’t advancing the cause.”

The blowback was immediate, prompting Dunham to respond, “Hey ragers. ‘The ones who aren’t advancing the cause’ I mentioned aren’t always, or mostly, women. Case in point: I saw your boobs.”

One respondent, taking McFarlane’s side, answered, “you mean reducing incredibly talented actresses performances to getting to see them topless isn’t advancing the cause!?!??”

Dunham, realizing her own career has been based partly on her own nudity, lamely replied, “Now I’ve said something murky about women’s lib and will return to eating edamame/thinking about moving to Austin like I always do!”