Gov. Cuomo's New Gun Rules Offer Hollywood-sized Loophole

Gov. Cuomo's New Gun Rules Offer Hollywood-sized Loophole

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just helped pass the strictest gun control measures across the country, but he made sure to include a Hollywood-sized loophole.

The Democrat craves the boost state-wide film productions allegedly allow, so putting restrictions on guns as well as pretend firearms could threaten future productions.

The law toughened restrictions on military-style rifles and high-capacity semiautomatic handguns, but those restrictions will be changed so those types of weapons can be used on the sets of television shows and movies being shot in New York.

Democrats’ renewed effort to get tough on gun violence often comes with caveats that give the entertainment industry comfort. The relationship between the party and Tinsel Town remains as strong as ever.

Vice President Joe Biden quickly dismissed any direct connection between on-screen violence and the real thing in the wake of the Connecticut school shooting last year, the First Lady received the honor of announcing the Best Picture winner during Sunday’s Oscars telecast and tax breaks for film and TV productions continue to flow from Washington to the West Coast.