Adele to Perform at First Lady's 50th Bash Next Year

Adele to Perform at First Lady's 50th Bash Next Year

Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday isn’t for another 10 months, but the First Family is already plotting for an event the media will cover with unbridled joy.

British sensation Adele along with Obama-approved Beyonce will both perform during the FLOTUS bash, slated for January 2014. Don’t worry about the cost. The Daily Mail tells readers the Obamas are picking up the tab for the private party. Ah, the perks of being a one-percent duo who tells others when they’ve made “enough” money.

The UK media announcement comes complete with some American media-style fawning.

The 24-year-old star will join Beyonce at the bash on January 17 – proof she has been given the ultimate seal of approval in the US.

It’s almost as if winning U.S.-based honors like the Grammy and the Oscar, not to mention selling millions of records stateside, meant nothing until Adele got the Obama seal of approval. Adele must be breathing a sigh of relief to know she’s finally made it in America.