'2016' Creators Announce 'America' Film Follow up at CPAC

'2016' Creators Announce 'America' Film Follow up at CPAC

The creative team responsible for last year’s smash documentary 2016: Obama’s America announced their new project at CPAC–a spiritual follow simply called America.

Dinesh D’Souza, who starred in 2016, announced the project during the conservative convention’s final day. The unlikely film star took the stage to a cheering crowd after a short teaser for the new film unspooled.

“This is not an Obama update,” he told the audience. If you want an Obama update just watch 2016: Obama’s America [again]. So far, he’s obediently following that script.”

The project will once more be produced by Gerald Molen (Schindler’s List) and feature John Sullivan behind the camera. America will recreate famous moments in our country’s history, pondering what the world would be like without America.

“It’s ultimately about the meaning of America,” D’Souza explained to the CPAC crowd, adding the movie will highlight the country’s entrepreneurial aspect as a key factor behind the nation’s greatness.