'Loveline' Reunion Podcast Hits No. 1 on iTunes

'Loveline' Reunion Podcast Hits No. 1 on iTunes

Those confused teens who turned to Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla for advice on Loveline years ago haven’t forgotten the duo.

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show, the podcast reunion of the former radio mates, hit number one on the iTunes podcast charts in this month. The podcast, a blend of Loveline-style calls and general chatter, can be found on both Carolla’s official site and iTunes.

The podcast offers new episodes each Sunday and Thursday, and the duo’s live reunion tour continues with stops at the Las Vegas House of Blues (March 29), Salt Lake City’s Kingsbury Theater (March 30), Cal State Chico (April 4), The Redondo Performing Arts Center (April 13) and the Napa Valley Uptown Theater (May 18).

Carolla’s entrepreneurial pluck can be seen in both his podcast network and Mangria, his alcoholic beverage. He’ll will be recording live podcasts of The Adam Carolla Show from Amalfi’s Restaurant in Los Angeles most Wednesdays with pre-show Mangria tastings. Next month, he’ll introduce a peach and pear variation on his signature drink to be called Mangria White.