Will Audiences Cheer 'Olympus Has Fallen' Using '24'-Style Torture Tactics?

Will Audiences Cheer 'Olympus Has Fallen' Using '24'-Style Torture Tactics?

Jack Bauer hasn’t been around to save the day for some time, but the heroic lead from Fox’s 24 is back–sort of–this weekend.

Olympus Has Fallen finds a disgraced Secret Service agent (Gerard Butler) doing whatever it takes to rescue the president (Aaron Eckhart) from the clutches of North Korean terrorists.

If that means stabbing an interrogation suspect–or worse–so be it.

The sequence in question is a direct parallel to how Jack Bauer often saved the day. He’d treat his suspects with disgust, and then things would get ugly. It was a literal ticking time bomb scenario, and it drove liberal viewers mad when Bauer would torture people for critical information.

Will audiences recoil at the sight of Butler doing his best Jack Bauer imitation? Or will the film’s patriotic spirit and nightmare situations remind viewers that, to drag out an exhausted but appropriate phrase, desperate times call for desperate measures?