Cable Beating Broadcast TV Fare

Cable Beating Broadcast TV Fare

Broadcast network executives already have to worry about the rise of Internet content, mobile phones and other trending tech diversions.

Now, they’ve got cable competition breathing down their corporate necks.

For the season, ad-supported cable as a group has opened up a bigger ratings advantage over the Big Four – and has beaten the broadcasters in the 18-49 demo on a regular basis in a handful of time slots….

Cable has made headlines with monster numbers for its graphic zombie drama “The Walking Dead” — which is as big as anything on broadcast among young adults — and some hot reality shows like A&E’s “Duck Dynasty” (pictured above) and History’s “Pawn Stars.” At the same time, the Big Four — especially NBC — have endured media coverage that constantly refers to “record low” weekly averages.

Variety notes broadcast television still holds an advantage over cable, but the rise of streaming services (and original content like Netflix’s House of Cards) will put even more pressure on the broadcast networks in the weeks and months to come.