eBay Auction Selling Jim Carrey Pic for Gun Cash Yanked

eBay Auction Selling Jim Carrey Pic for Gun Cash Yanked

An eBay user with a passion for the Second Amendment stirred the Web yesterday by auctioning a signed photograph of Jim Carrey to help pay for a gun to protect his family.

“Astrobuzz” wasn’t pleased by the comic’s recent anti-gun comments nor Carrey’s Funny or Die video Cold Dead Hand which blasted both gun owners and the late Charlton Heston. The bidding process was going well, with one bid reaching $860. The page where Astrobuzz posted the signed picture started to change as the day went on.

Then, the item’s description suddenly changed late Wednesday, and the bids disappeared. The seller’s detailed description of his reason for wanting to sell the item was gone, including all references to the gun he wants to purchase.

Today, the item is no longer on eBay–the page where it once was now says, “The listing has been removed, or this item is not available.”

Did Astrobuzz voluntarily take it down, or did eBay force the issue at hand? The Hollywood Reporter’s request for comment from eBay has yet to be answered.