'Under the Dome' Showrunner: We Don't Need Bankers

'Under the Dome' Showrunner: We Don't Need Bankers

The upcoming CBS series Under the Dome could be a greatest hits collection of liberal talking points.

Based on the long novel by Stephen King, the show will explore a town separated from the rest of the earth by, what else, a massive dome.

Showrunner Neal Baer described the project to a crowd at this weekend’s WonderCon, and all the elements appear lined up for a parade of progressive talking points.

“It’s a parable for our times: can the sun shine through the dome? Can it rain? Those sound like climate issues and we can really explore that without being preachy,” he said. “It’s fun for us to think about what happens when you run out of Tide soap, what do you use? Who rises? Do you really need a banker under the dome? But farmers? Maybe you do.”

Baer also said the conditions brought to the town by the dome will steer it toward an exploration of fear, faith and facism.

The Mist, a previous King story brought to the big screen, used a horrific series of events to trash religion.

The Dome project is a collaboration between a pair of famous liberals–King and Steven Spielberg.

Under the Dome is slated to premiere June 24 on CBS.