Bill Clinton Reverses Himself On DOMA, To Be Honored At GLAAD Event

Bill Clinton Reverses Himself On DOMA, To Be Honored At GLAAD Event

President Bill Clinton, ever aware of exactly which way the political winds are blowing, has reversed his position on the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) and will be honored by GLAAD at its 24th annual Media Awards event April 20.

Because the gay community’s eyes are set on the decision over DOMA and Proposition 8 that will be rendered by the Supreme Court in June, the GLAAD event has taken on more urgency for the gay community. That means major Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence are showing up. Coincidentally, the other honoree is attorney Steve Warren, who just so happens to represent all three stars.

Clinton wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post earlier this month in which he acknowledged he had changed his position from endorsing DOMA, as he did in 1996 as President, to calling for its repeal today. How does this man of principle justify the fact that he once championed DOMA? “”In no state in the union was same-sex marriage recognized, much less available as a legal right, but some were moving in that direction.”

In other words, he wasn’t going to risk his popularity unless he had a horde behind him.

And what does Clinton believe now? That DOMA is “incompatible with our Constitution.” Funny how the Constitution changed so radically in 17 years.

Warren is being feted because, among other things, he was the public gay man on the Board of Trustees for his daughter’s schools, the Center for Early Education, and now in the same fashion the Board of Trustees at the Archer School for Girls. He has served on GLAAD’s Board Of Directors since 2010.