Actor Ken Wahl Mulls Independent Political Run

Actor Ken Wahl Mulls Independent Political Run

Actor Ken Wahl’s acting career ended after he suffered a serious back injury falling down a set of stairs.

The former Wiseguy star struggled with the fallout from the accident, including considerable pain to a bout with depression. Now, he’s considering a new line of work, one that relies more on sound judgment than his physicality.

The right-leaning Wahl tells the Daily Mail he’s mulling a run for office.

‘I consider myself an independent,’ Wahl, 55, told MailOnline. ‘I wouldn’t want to try to get involved in the Republican Party. I don’t like political parties in general.

”I think there’s so much corruption. Instead of caring about the country, people end up serving their party. I think people understand that, and I think they hate it.’

Wahl cites support from online friends as well as the Democratization effect of the Internet as reasons he would consider such a run. Two concerns close to his heart are helping military veterans battle depression and a hearty opposition to Obamacare.