Madonna, Malawi President Spar in War of (Misspelled) Words

Madonna, Malawi President Spar in War of (Misspelled) Words

Madonna may be a billionaire, but she could use some help proofreading her handwritten notes.

The erstwhile Material Girl visited Malawi last week, part of her ongoing interest in helping to educate children in the country. Trouble started when her mission met with resistance from government officials. The two sides disagreed on exactly how Madonna would be helping the country’s school system infrastructure.

To make amends, Madonna wrote a rambling, spelling-challenged personal note to Malawi President Joyce Banda asking for a direct meeting to pave over any misunderstandings.

Apparently, the note didn’t work as intended. 

Madonna and her entourage left the country over the weekend sans their prior VIP status. They had to wait at the airport like any other guest, reportedly infuriating the pop superstar.

The singer has two children adopted from Malawi and previously set up a charity to help other local children. The charity’s Malawi component ended up mired in financial mismanagement.

Madonna arrived in Malawi for her most recent trip April 1 in order to visit 10 school blocks her charity helped build with the help of the nonprofit group BuildOn.