'House of Cards,' 'Newsroom' Highlight TV's Present, Future

'House of Cards,' 'Newsroom' Highlight TV's Present, Future

The second seasons for two highly touted shows represent both the current media landscape as well as its future.

HBO’s The Newsroom, Aaron Sorkin’s latest liberal indoctrination drama, will debut its sophomore season starting in July. The series stars Jeff Daniels as a news anchor speaking truth to power, which means bashing conservatives and glorifying the left as Sorkin sees fit. It’s simply the latest TV content designed for progressive audiences, part of a cable landscape littered with similar fare.

House of Cards, the groundbreaking drama marking Netflix’s most serious entry in the world of original streaming content, begins filming in two weeks according to co-star Constance Zimmer.

Cards, which also deals directly with politics but in a less partisan fashion, marks the dawn of Netflix as a serious player in the world of original content. The show, which stars two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey as a wily politician, could also make its presence known during awards season.