Author David Mamet to Self-Publish Future Books

Author David Mamet to Self-Publish Future Books

Self publishing isn’t just for untested authors looking for a literary break. Celebrated author David Mamet says he’ll self-publish his next few books to gain more control over how his work is presented to the masses.

Mamet, the playwright behind Glengarry Glen Ross and the screenplays for films like The Untouchables and Wag the Dog, is vowing to self-publish three upcoming books rather than abide by traditional marketing measures. 

Mr. Mamet is taking advantage of a new service being offered by his literary agency, ICM Partners, as a way to assume more control over the way his book is promoted.

“Basically I am doing this because I am a curmudgeon,” Mr. Mamet said in a telephone interview, “and because publishing is like Hollywood — nobody ever does the marketing they promise.”