Harrison Ford Smites Journalism, President George W. Bush

Harrison Ford Smites Journalism, President George W. Bush

Harrison Ford went ballistic on a man in a Chewbacca suit on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, a comedy bit that quickly went viral.

The actor, out promoting the true baseball story 42, also flashed some animosity toward two real targets while hitting the talk show circuit this week.

The Star Wars veteran saw fit to jab former President George W. Bush during his yuk-yuk session with Kimmel. Ford recently threw out, or rather bounced, the first pitch at a major league game and recalled the experience with the talk show host.

“And [Dodgers manager Don] Mattingly comes up to me afterwards and he says, ‘You know, George Bush always said go to the mound,'” Ford added. “Well, thank you very much. It’s a little late for that. And besides, I never believed anything else he said.”

Ford also railed against broadcast journalism on PBS’s Tavis Smiley Show, saying the industry is hurting the country.

“There’s so much divisiveness and fractiousness in our society, and there’s a big industry that is constructed around keeping us apart and servicing our opinions and fostering and supporting our prejudices,” Ford said during his interview with Smiley.

When Smiley suggested Hollywood could be partly to blame Ford narrowed in on his true target:

I believe that it’s the broadcast industry. It’s what passes for journalism.”