Go-Go's Singer Credits 'Divine Intervention' for Kicking Cocaine

Go-Go's Singer Credits 'Divine Intervention' for Kicking Cocaine

The Go-Go’s broke down barriers for aspiring female rockers, but lead singer Belinda Carlisle says her band partied like her male peers.

That led to raucous nights as well as a chronic drug habit that consumed 30 years of her life.

Carlisle opened up to Fox News about her extensive cocaine use and why she’s grateful to live to tell the tale. 

FOX 411: How do you still have nostrils?

Carlisle: I’m surprised I still have a nose on my face and that I don’t look like I’m a million years old. I’m lucky, I’ve had this amazing life, and I’ve obviously always had someone or something looking out for me, that’s protected me. The fact that I’m actually speaking to you right now is a miracle because honestly with the kind of life I had in my past I probably should be dead or at least in an insane asylum. I’m very lucky.

Carlisle credits “divine intervention” for helping her stop using drugs. She has been sober for eight years.