Tracy Morgan Says We Should 'Get Rid' of All Guns

Tracy Morgan Says We Should 'Get Rid' of All Guns

Comedian Tracy Morgan isn’t satisfied with legislation that will strengthen current gun control laws.

He wants them banned entirely.

The former 30 Rock star, who visited D.C. over the weekend for the White House Correspondents Dinner bash, told PJ Media reporter Nicholas Ballasy why he wanted to have all guns made illegal.

“I mean, if we could get guns under control, if we could get rid of them, I’m with all of that. I’ve had a lot of friends that have died violently from guns. Of course. I hope that wasn’t a booby trap question,” Morgan said at a Creative Coalition event launching White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend.

“Of course I want to get rid of guns. My father fought in the Vietnam War and he forbid us to have guns when he came home when we were little, so yes.”