Jon Stewart Mocks Obama for Guantanamo Bay Posturing

Jon Stewart Mocks Obama for Guantanamo Bay Posturing

The media collectively shrugged when President Barack Obama vowed to close Guantanamo Bay again this week, five or so years after he first promised such action.

President Blame-a-Lot said Congress stood in his way, and the supplicant press nodded and hit “send” on their iPads.

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart wasn’t buying the rerun rhetoric. Stewart used his Daily Show perch to mock Obama for saying he would close the terrorist jail, hitting the president from the left but still holding him accountable for yet another promise unfulfilled.

Stewart played multiple clips of Obama vowing to close the prison, a comically inept broken record. 

“Make no mistake, we will close Guantanamo prison,” Obama says before Stewart adds, “a phrase used almost exclusively by people who have just been defeated by a superhero and have very little chance in the rematch …”

When Obama tried to blame Congress, Stewart countered that he had the authority to issue “case by case” waivers but has yet to do so a single time.