'Supanatural' Review: Annoying Girls Saving the World, Not Our Leisure Time

'Supanatural' Review: Annoying Girls Saving the World, Not Our Leisure Time

At some point in between greenlighting pilots for a show about Republican senators to a zombie comedy based off a hit movie, Amazon decided to give Supanatural a try.

No, not Supernatural. Supanatural. That title, sadly, is only the beginning of this show’s problems.

Supanatural is a completely unnecessary story about … well, I’m not entirely sure. The pilot introduces two girls that are part-time fighters of the supernatural who talk like those girls in high school that never learned how to put sentences together and were always looking at themselves in tiny mirrors.

These two end up biting off more than they can chew when they capture a skull that could end the world. Originally, they capture the skull for the Pope. Only the Pope’s check bounces, so they have to babysit the skull and go back to working at a mall to pay the rent.

Believe me, it is nowhere near as funny as it sounds.

Supanatural’s main problem is that it’s like a collection of characters and voices that play in the background on your television while you do household chores. After a while, it all sounds like nails on a chalkboard, so you change the channel to something other than reality TV.

Perhaps it was trying to be a satire of annoying reality show characters and mocking its lame-brained heroes. If it was then I missed the point, but I’ll be happy to part ways with this thing either way.

To give an example of the show’s ridiculous, unfunny banter, the two main characters (voiced by Jameeliah Garrett and Lily Sparks) decide to destroy the skull they took not because it could bring forth the apocalypse, but because it is a “hater.” Unfortunately, the jokes don’t get much better than that.              

Supanatural just reminds you of much funnier cartoons for adults while you’re watching it because nothing in it is funny or really worth seeing. It’s like something Seth MacFarlane or Mike Judge might’ve made in their younger years in animation class as practice.

On second thought, I’d like to see those shows if MacFarlane or Judge really did make them. I don’t want to see anymore of Supanatural. Evah.