Jay Mohr: Pro-Gun, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro Faith

Jay Mohr: Pro-Gun, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro Faith

Just try pinning Jay Mohr down on an ideological map.

The stand-up comic, sports radio host, podcaster and actor (Gary Unmarried, Jerry Maguire) is a pro-faith humorist whose act features plenty of sexually charged gags. He’s pro-gun despite a recent tweet following the Boston Marathon terrorist attack to the contrary but swears he’s ardently pro-gay marriage in his act.

Mohr brought his stand-up shtick to Denver over the weekend, a consistently funny affair with only one impression (Norm Macdonald) by one of the industry’s best mimics.

The podcaster started the show by bemoaning how having young children hampers a couple’s sex life, and then he acted out a series of limited sexual moves in his marital repertoire. Funny stuff, but certainly not something a man of the cloth would do a spit-take over.

He eventually segued into his love of homicide reality shows, what keeps his marriage rock solid–hint, he and his wife hate the same things with alacrity–and how he came to accept gay marriage as inevitable and justified.

Mohr recalled some of the decent, hard-working gay people in the entertainment field, those who quietly toil to make movie magic. He did chortle over the term “homophobic,” a slur used against those who oppose gay marriage, as if someone would see a gay person and run screaming from the room in a panic.

The comic saved his sharpest attacks for the hipsters, those irony-loving types who trash whatever isn’t deemed cool to today’s 20-something crowd. Mohr confesses he had some hipster in him a while back, something that changed when he took in a Bon Jovi concert. He expected to cheer with his tongue firmly in his cheek. Instead, he embraced the New Jersey band as if he was sporting an ‘80s era mullet.

Bon Jovi, Journey and Neil Diamond all rock, no matter what the guy in the skinny jeans says, according to the clever, ideologically flexible Mohr.