Hollywood Prepping Fawning, Sexually Charged Hillary Biopic

Hollywood Prepping Fawning, Sexually Charged Hillary Biopic

A leaked script from Rodham, the upcoming biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton, read less like an actual movie project and more like what a screenwriter who moonlights as an MSNBC anchor might pen.

It’s that fawning … but it’s also a hopelessly cliched look at the early romance between the future Secretary of State and a young, bearded Bill Clinton.

Let’s hope the British publication which got the script is correct when it says major revisions are ongoing. Even if you pine to put a “Hillary 2016” bumper sticker on your car these snippets are laughable.

She was the nerdy feminist with an ‘awful haircut’ and ‘hideous Coke bottle glasses’ … he was a ‘Viking’ of a man with a six-inch beard who towered over everyone he met….

There is romance and sex including one scene in which the pair ‘devour’ each other.There is the ambition of the potential 2016 Presidential candidate who was chosen in her 20s to serve on the House Judiciary Committee which looked into impeaching President Richard Nixon.

But above all there is the story of somebody who refuses to let anything get in her way of getting to the top – man or woman…. [the screenwriter] also writes of when they have sex Mr Clinton ‘eyes her with such intensity that she feels naked, vulnerable, and aroused all at once’.