Charlie Sheen Uses Birth Name for 'Machete' Sequel Credits

Charlie Sheen Uses Birth Name for 'Machete' Sequel Credits

For the first time ever, actor Charlie Sheen is keeping it real–in a credit sequence, that is.

The Hollywood veteran best known for Two and a Half Men and perennial personal-life mayhem will be credited as “Carlos Estevez,” his birth name, in the upcoming action flick Machete Kills, according to Splash News.

TMZ has obtained a screen capture of Sheen’s appearance in the film’s credit sequence (seen above), which cheekily states, “And Introducing Carlos Estevez.”

Sheen took a stage name in the same style as his father Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez, better known as Martin Sheen, by the time of his first major film role, 1984’s Red Dawn. His brother Emilio Estevez declined to follow suit.

He plays the President of the United States in Machete Kills, the star-studded sequel to 2010’s Machete, both directed by Robert Rodriguez. 

Breitbart News editor John Nolte’s review savaged Machete as “artistically bankrupt” and racist:

“Machete” isn’t about a political call for the powerless to fight THE corrupt MAN, it’s a call for revolution; Mexicans against Americans – and in the words of the character meant to be our evolving conscience, Jessica Alba’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Sartana, it’s about how those who believe in only LEGAL immigration “deserve to be cut down.”

Splash News attributes Sheen’s decision to use his real name in the Machete Kills credits to Rodriguez’s “latin pride.”