GOP-Bashing 'Alpha House' Picked up by Amazon

GOP-Bashing 'Alpha House' Picked up by Amazon

Amazon, the company hoping to join the crowded ranks of original content providers, will usher in its new era with a liberal political comedy which takes aim at conservatives.

Alpha House, which stars John Goodman as one of several GOP senators living under one roof, got picked up for a full season by

The show’s pilot, which featured a cameo by Bill Murray, offered up a tepid array of generic GOP jokes. Show creator Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury fame has a long history of liberal-leaning projects, so we can expect more of the same as the show moves forward.

The shows which received the proverbial green light were chosen, in part, by viewer comments left on the site. That begs the question how much Amazon executives had on the final call, and why would they embrace a show that mirrors what other outlets, such as HBO, routinely serve up? Does the country really need another show mocking the right, especially given the sorry state of the nation’s top Democrat?

In apolitical news, the mediocre pilot for Zombieland, a show based on the hit zombie movie, apparently didn’t warrant enough positive comments to give it life.