Alec Baldwin: 'FrackNation' Director Like Andrew Breitbart 'With a Less Skillful Editor'

Alec Baldwin: 'FrackNation' Director Like Andrew Breitbart 'With a Less Skillful Editor'

Alec Baldwin won’t let go of his Twitter battle with FrackNation director Phelim McAleer, but now the 30 Rock actor is trying to besmirch the late Andrew Breitbart along the way.

Over the weekend, Baldwin threw a baseless charge as well as schoolyard insults against McAleer in their ongoing debate over the merits of fracking.

Now, Baldwin is using Andrew Breitbart as a cudgel against the director/journalist rather than support his argument against fracking with facts.

McAleer is Breitbart but with a less skillful editor.

Cultural bullies prefer targets that can’t fight back. Recall how Jim Carrey, in an effort to punish Second Amendment backers, blasted the late Charlton Heston in the music video Cold Dead Hand earlier this year.

Many also will remember what happened when Baldwin took on Andrew Breitbart a few years back, calling him a “festering boil on the anus of public discourse.” The media mogul cyber-bloodied the actor’s nose in response — “There’s NO REASON you should talk to me like I’m your daughter!”

Breitbart News contributor and Fox News star Greg Gutfeld rallied to Andrew Breitbart’s side with his own blast against Baldwin.

why harp on an honorable dead man who respected ur talent, but disagreed with ur politics? It seems beneath your fat ass.

Meanwhile, McAleer tells Breitbart News Baldwin has blocked him on Twitter. McAleer can fight back, too.