Some Stars Cling to the 'Hope and Change' Version of Obama

Some Stars Cling to the 'Hope and Change' Version of Obama

Was it really more than five years ago when a charismatic senator from Illinois promised the most transparent administration ever along with many other lofty vows?

For some Hollywood celebrities, 2008 might as well be last week to hear them fawn over President Barack Obama.

Never mind the IRS scandal, the AP scandal, the James Rosen of Fox News scandal, Benghazi or the latest news that the government was spying on Verizon customers. To Star Trek veteran Nichelle Nichols and character actor Jeffrey Tambor, Obama is still the Hope as well as the Change.

Here’s Nichols waxing poetic about her meeting with the president:

Asked if Obama was “charming” in person, the actress replied, “Oh my god yes and also brilliant. He’s an amazing man, I’m so proud that he’s our president. He’s got it all, the looks, the brains and the charm!”

Tambor, currently promoting a new season of Arrested Development on Netflix, said he’s a “huge fan” of the president and that he’s both “horrified and complimented” that the GOP mocked Obama’s tepid economic recovery with a spoof based on his resurgent show.