New Blu-ray Set Honors Clint Eastwood's Screen, Warner Bros. Legacy

New Blu-ray Set Honors Clint Eastwood's Screen, Warner Bros. Legacy

Will Munny. Philo Beddoe. Walt Kowalski. Josey Wales. “Dirty” Harry Callahan. 

Clint Eastwood: 20 Film Collection, just released on Blu-ray by Warner Home Video, captures Eastwood in some of his most memorable performances as well as his best directorial efforts. You get a clunker or two (Firefox comes instantly to mind but Pink Cadillac is mercifully omitted), as is the case with any home video collection, but the classics outweigh the filler in this Warner Bros.-centric package.

The obvious choices include Unforgiven, Eastwood’s retooling of his own western canon, as well as Mystic River, the film which helped him concentrate more on directorial efforts. Minor gems flesh out the collection, including the introspective A Perfect World and Gran Torino, the 2008 drama which showed Eastwood could still pack ’em in no matter what it says on his birth certificate.

The collection also comes with two Eastwood-centered documentaries, but 20 Film Collection’s release date near Father’s Day is hardly accidental. The actor’s blunt image, one he masterfully tweaked for decades, appeals to male movie goers uneasy with today’s freshly scrubbed stars.

Eastwood revved up his political persona during the 2012 presidential election, alienating some of his Hollywood peers as well as his liberal fan base. Those willing to look past his politics, or even embrace his courage in bucking conventional industry wisdom, will find a career like few others captured in one impressive set. 

The collection includes:

A Perfect World

Dirty Harry

Every Which Way But Loose


Gran Torino

Heartbreak Ridge



J. Edgar

Letters from Iwo Jima

Magnum Force

Million Dollar Baby

Mystic River

Pale Rider

Space Cowboys

Sudden Impact

The Gauntlet

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Trouble with the Curve