Superman Turns to God and Church in 'Man of Steel'

Superman Turns to God and Church in 'Man of Steel'

I’m not particularly religious, but it’s easy for even me to see Hollywood’s distaste for anything related to religion or faith in today’s films. Most of today’s movies mock religion or portray those even remotely religious as bigoted.

This is not the case for director Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel. Despite the film dealing with an alien planet (Krypton), aliens invading Earth and even a main character dealing with the fact that he is from a different planet, the film does not mock religion. 

In fact, the film embraces it.

Spoiler Warning:

In the movie Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) discovers his true identity (Kel-El) and is trying to decide whether to trust a population he does not belong to who are being offered their lives in return for turning over Kent to invading members from his home planet. Despite being an alien and the world now aware of the existence of other planets, Clark turns to the unlikeliest of places in such a situation: he goes to Church.

Not only does our protagonist find himself in a Church of God, but he decides what to do next based on advice he receives from a priest. It’s a rare moment that Snyder treats with delicacy and respect rather than being tongue in cheek or cruel like many of his fellow artists might choose for such a scene.