Palin Uses SNL to Rip Obama over Scandals: 'Really?!'

Palin Uses SNL to Rip Obama over Scandals: 'Really?!'

Effectively employing pop culture and the program that has relentlessly mocked her, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin borrowed from a Saturday Night Live skit to blister the Obama administration for its scandals. 

Speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference on Saturday in Washington, D.C., Palin said Washington, D.C. was “awash” in scandals that are coming “fast and furious” and said this was “just another Saturday in Washington, D.C.”

“Yes, officials lied and government spied,” Palin said, referring to the the data surveillance programs unearthed more than a week ago. “And in Benghazi, government lied and Americans died.” 

Palin then used Saturday Night Live’s “Really?!” segment on the program’s “Weekend Update” news-reading skit to highlight the Obama administration’s failures. 

“As in, our government spied on every single one of your phone calls but they couldn’t find two pot smoking, deadbeat Bostonians with a hotline to terrorist central in Chechyna. Really?!” Palin said. 

She continued with her riff. 

“Its built apparats to sneak into all of the good guys’s communications … but oopsie-daisy …. it misssed the Fort Hood mass murder of our own troops despite this Islamic terrorist declaring his ideology in numerous army counseling sessions and on his own business cards … oops, no red flags, there … really?!” Palin said.

She then blasted Obamacare. 

“And our government passing something called Obamacare … the Affordable Care Act … its chief result? Making our health care premiums enormously unsustainably more expensive–with death panels to boot … and now [they are hiring] up to 16,00o to 20,000 perhaps armed IRS agents to implement this act. 

“Well, the IRS. It can’t figure out how it managed to spend over $4 million in a training conference because it didn’t keep its receipts. Really!? You try that with the IRS.”

Palin said many Americans do not know whether to “laugh or cry” when hearing about these scandals, and they have caused “a lot of good Americans” to tune out what is going on in Washington, D.C. in disgust.