'Man of Steel 2' Might Be Just as Pro-American as First Film According to Screenwriter

'Man of Steel 2' Might Be Just as Pro-American as First Film According to Screenwriter

Man of Steel surprised audiences and critics alike with its overt patriotism, acceptance of religion and in being just a badass flick. It certainly was no Superman Returns, which explains the vast difference of opinion when it comes to professional critics and audiences on the matter.

Well, audiences that enjoyed the Christopher Nolan produced Man of Steel can rejoice while critics that did not enjoy it can get ready to write some more nasty things about it. Man of Steel screenwriter David Goyer had some interesting things to say about the story lines he wants to delve into when it comes to the already greenlit sequel.

Goyer says he and Snyder have had conversations about the sequel and one aspect of the story they want to examine is “…what other countries feel about the fact Superman calls America his home.” This comment gives a little bit of hope in light of director Zack Snyder’s recent comments saying the sequel needed to make Superman become more “global” and his weird comments about feeling okay with the film’s patriotism since Barack Obama is president.

Goyer seems to be implying that Superman will need to defend America and his love for it against the rest of the world in the sequel, which would be a fantastic story point. However, Snyder’s recent comments seem to suggest the opposite.

Hollywood, Hollywood … you can just be so awful sometimes. No matter if the impending Man of Steel 2 goes all Superman Returns meets The Obama Effect on us, we all can continue to enjoy the first installment which is still in theaters. The film has many conservative angles and is open about its religious overtones.

Here’s hoping Nolan and Goyer can keep Snyder the liberal at bay and get him back to work behind the camera again. That would be nice.