New Book Ties Woody Harrelson's Father to Unsolved 1968 Murder

New Book Ties Woody Harrelson's Father to Unsolved 1968 Murder

A new book alleges that actor Woody Harrelson’s father, a contract killer who died in prison at the age of 69, is responsible for an unsolved murder dating back more than four decades.

Texas trial lawyer David Berg’s Run, Brother, Run includes evidence pinning his brother’s murder in 1968 on Charles Harrelson.

According to the book, Harrelson’s girlfriend, Sandra Sue Attaway, lured [Alan] Berg to the Brass Jar, a Houston bar. Harrelson forced Berg into the car with a gun and told Attaway to drive to a remote location. There, he got out and shot Berg in the temple. Harrelson reportedly strangled Berg after the gunshot failed to kill him.

Harrelson, 32, was acquitted of Berg’s murder during a 1970 trial, but the victim’s family has uncovered new documents — among them evidence that Harrelson’s alibi was bogus, statements from a witness whom Harrelson confessed to, and interviews with Attaway outlining each step of the crime — that they say prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Harrelson was the killer.

The actor retains a close bond with his late father, going so far as to say he didn’t deserve his prison fate.

How do I feel about him? Well I love him. I definitely love him. Very fond of him. I mean, there’s probably a lot of people who should be behind bars. I don’t necessarily think he’s one of them,” Woody said in a TV interview before his father’s death.