Ellen Page Says Sexism in Hollywood Is 'Constant'

Ellen Page Says Sexism in Hollywood Is 'Constant'

Actress Ellen Page isn’t your standard Hollywood starlet. She’s petite, avoids tabloid-friendly romances and won’t be easily found on any of US Weekly’s glossy pages.

The Juno star is also unequivocal in her condemnation of the film industry’s stance toward women. Hint: it’s as sexist as one might fear, says Page.

So has she ever encountered sexism in Hollywood?

Oh my God, yeah! It’s constant! It’s how you’re treated, it’s how you’re looked at, how you’re expected to look in a photoshoot, it’s how you’re expected to shut up and not have an opinion, it’s how you -” she pauses. “If you’re a girl and you don’t fit the very specific vision of what a girl should be, which is always from a man’s perspective, then you’re a little bit at a loss.