Buzzfeed Smears David Mamet As 'Bigot'

Buzzfeed Smears David Mamet As 'Bigot'

Buzzfeed is great at making lists, but they should stick with grumpy cats and Khardashian episodes. Writer Louis Peltzman has compiled a list called “14 Authors You Might Not Know Had Bigoted Views.”  Number 14 on the list is playwright, director and screenwriter David Mamet. 

Here’s how Peltzman describes Mamet’s “bigotry”: 

David Mamet’s well-documented “conversion” to conservatism isn’t bigotry, but his right-wing book The Secret Knowledge does contain some very incendiary anti-gay and anti-Muslim viewpoints. He railed against the proposed mosque near the former site of the Twin Towers, saying it would be a “cultural obscenity.” He also condemned marriage equality — or as he called it, the “erosion of marriage” — which he said was a “moral affront.”

Of course, as I wrote in my very first article on Big Hollywood in 2009, Mamet’s real offense is proclaiming to the world that he is “no longer a brain dead liberal.” From that point forward it was only a matter of time for him to be smeared as a homophobic sexist bigoted racist.