Phil Robertson's 'Happy, Happy, Happy' Tops Summer Book Sales

Phil Robertson's 'Happy, Happy, Happy' Tops Summer Book Sales

Phil Robertson is a husband and a father, a successful duck call maker, an unequaled duck hunter, a reality show star, and now–drumroll please–the author of the book which is currently leading sales for summer 2013.

In figures just released Robertson’s book, Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander, scanned 15,417 copies for the week of July 21. Second place was Sarah Young’s “Jesus Calling,” with 13,319 scans.

Robertson’s book has sold 350,029 copies since its May 7 release, proving his writing is on track to be as successful as his duck calls.

But all success aside, in the prologue to the book Robertson introduces himself and his family as simple Americans who aren’t that different from everyone else: 

To be honest, our family isn’t that much different from other families in America. There’s a mom and dad, fourteen grandchildren, and a couple of great-grandkids. We started a family business, Duck Commander, which has become a pretty lucrative enterprise with a lot of elbow grease, teamwork, and God’s blessing. But as you’ll find out by reading this book, we’ve had our share of trials and struggles, like a lot of other families. We’ve battled alcohol and drug abuse, sibling rivalries, and near poverty and despair at the beginning of our time together as a family. It wasn’t like what you see on TV. So except for our very manly appearances, it might not seem that we’re all that different from everyone else.

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