Box Office Predictions: 'Wolverine' To Slash Non-Superhero Competition

Box Office Predictions: 'Wolverine' To Slash Non-Superhero Competition

Sensei had the right feel on predictions last week. This weekend, another super opening.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. “The Wolverine” ($79 million) – Film will easily win, the only question is how high? Buzz is pretty solid, which points to a Fast Five-like opening. The real surprise here is that the critical reviews are strong.

2. “The Conjuring” ($22 million) – Was right to pick this one last week. Again, look for positive word of mouth to create a strong second weekend.

3. “Despicable Me 2” ($13 million) – Another strong weekend. That finish as the Summer’s #2 film remains in reach (currently that film is Man Of Steel).

4. “Turbo” ($12.2 million) – Film is a domestic flop. Will need strong international sales to recoup its high production budget.

5. “Red 2” ($11 million) –  Look for another respectable weekend, especially for a film who’s demographics lean older.

That’s Sensei’s calls. Enjoy the weekend.