Box Office Predictions: '2 Guns' to Triumph in Nail-Biting Finish

Box Office Predictions: '2 Guns' to Triumph in Nail-Biting Finish

Sensei sees a real close weekend brewing. Get ready for box office surprises.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

1. “2 Guns” ($27 million) – Both new films will disappoint this weekend. I’m giving this one the slight edge, but if word of mouth or something political shows up in the narrative – it will lose the weekend. This film is operating on the narrowest of margins.

2. “The Smurfs 2” ($23 million) – Marketing has been unimpressive, looks like another Turbo, which also disappointed with a slightly over $20 million weekend. Honestly, it could win the weekend, but that all depends on if Two Guns manages to screw up.

3. “The Wolverine” ($22 million) – A solid second weekend. This film carries very positive word of mouth. I foresee a gross that could, eventually, break the $150 million domestic mark. Film also has very healthy international grosses to add to the tally (currently at $91 million).

4. “The Conjuring” ($12 million) – As stated in previous predictions, this one has “sleeper” written all over it. Film will easily break the $100 million domestic mark this week. Incredible for a film that only cost $20 million to produce and, unlike The Purge, will continue to benefit off high buzz.

5. “Despicable Me 2” ($9 million) –  Film has passed Man Of Steel ($287 million domestic) to catch that Summer #2 domestic spot (you can thank last week’s awesome hold for that). Film should gross around the $325 million mark this weekend. Still, a long way to the Summer #1 slot, which is currently Iron Man 3 with $407 million domestic. Nevertheless, I see quite a few minions celebrating.

That’s Sensei’s calls. Enjoy the weekend.