Denzel Wins the Box Office, 'Smurfs 2' Disappoints

Denzel Wins the Box Office, 'Smurfs 2' Disappoints

Lot of the unexpected at this weekend’s box office report. Early predictions were that “Smurfs 2” would rule at somewhere around $30 million-plus and that the Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg comedy-action pic “2 Guns” would post a respectable $20 million. Now that the actual numbers are in, not only has Denzel won the top spot with a $27 million showing, but “Smurfs” pulled in third with only $18 million; and lost second place to last weekend holdover, “The Wolverine.”

(To be clear, predictions that “Smurfs 2” would hit $30 million-plus included it’s total haul since opening on Wednesday, which is 27.5 million. A miss but not a catastrophic one.)

In her box office report, Deadline Nikke Finke makes three important points. Like its predecessor, “Smurfs 2” is expected to be a smash overseas, the overall box office is up 4% over this same weekend last year, and Denzel Washington’s films always do well because moviegoers have learned to trust his choices. He is never in a bad movie.

Here are the top five. Deadline has the top 10 and much more analysis, along with updates.

1. 2 Guns – $27.0M

2. The Wolverine – $18.7M, Cume $92.0M

3. The Smurfs 2 – $18.0M, Cume $27.5M

4. The Conjuring – $12.5M, Cume $107.4M

5. Despicable Me 2  – $10.1M, Cume $326.3M


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