Deadline: 'Elysium' 'Underperforms,' Can't Match 'District 9's' Opening Weekend

Deadline: 'Elysium' 'Underperforms,' Can't Match 'District 9's' Opening Weekend

Director Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 hauled in $37 million during its opening weekend four years ago, despite a no-name cast, tiny budget and zero brand awareness.

This weekend Blomkamp’s pricey, star-filled follow-up couldn’t even match that amount.

Elysium, a film most mainstream (read: left of center) film critics said had an overt socialist message, will be lucky to break the $30 million mark. dubbed that figure underwhelming, adding the movie only drew a “B” CinemaScore, a ranking based on audience’s appreciation for the film.

The film stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, and Blomkamp’s name is now synonymous with smart science fiction thanks to District 9’s gritty storytelling. The movie offers a class warfare template peppered with overt calls for open immigration and universal health care.

Elysium is the summer’s latest liberal film to either underwhelm or outright flop. White House Down, The East and, to a lesser extent, The Lone Ranger, all failed to live up to box office expectations.

Blomkamp’s latest appears right on course, even if the director insists politics has nothing to do with his movie making.