Mark Ruffalo Calls Anti-Abortion Forces Radical, Recessive

Mark Ruffalo Calls Anti-Abortion Forces Radical, Recessive

Mark Ruffalo penned an open letter in support of abortion, a note read aloud at a Mississippi abortion clinic this week.

He dubbed those against abortion as radical and recessive, likening the abortion fight to the one against institutional racism.

There was no mistake in us making abortion legal and available on demand. That was what we call progress. Just like it was no mistake that we abolished institutional racism in this country around the same time. The easy thing to do is lay low, but then are we who we say we are? Do we actually stand for anything, if what we do stand for is under attack and we say nothing? There is nothing to be ashamed of here except to allow a radical and recessive group of people to bully and intimidate our mothers and sisters and daughters for exercising their right of choice. Or use terrorism and fanaticism to block their legal rights or take the lives of their caregivers. Or design legislation that would chip away at those rights disguised as reinforcing a woman’s health.

The Avengers star is one of Hollywood’s most vocal progressives, regularly railing against issues like abortion and fracking.