Jane Fonda: Nancy Reagan Will 'Feel Good' About 'The Butler'

Jane Fonda: Nancy Reagan Will 'Feel Good' About 'The Butler'

Lee Daniels’ The Butler shows President Ronald Reagan as indifferent to the suffering of people of color and an opponent of civil rights advancement.

Yet Jane Fonda, who plays Nancy Reagan in the film, is eager for the real First Lady to see the film.

Through a friend, she asked if I can get her a DVD,” Fonda told me last night at The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Pre-Emmy Performers Peer Group reception. “So I’m trying to get her one. She’ll feel good about it, I think.

Fonda also claims that some in the late president’s inner circle approve of the film.

Reagan’s friends apparently approve. “I heard some of her friends who saw the movie…really liked it,” Fonda said. “They were very pleased.

Breitbart News reached out to some Reagan biographers for their comments, and their reaction hardly mirrors what Fonda is describing.

Fonda’s promotional blather is reminiscent of Matt Damon swearing films like Promised Land and Elysium aren’t political in nature. That’s a lie, and it’s very hard to believe Reagan admirers will see The Butler and come away “very pleased” with its callous portrayal of the 40th president.