GOP Fueling Record 'Duck Dynasty' Ratings

GOP Fueling Record 'Duck Dynasty' Ratings

Republicans in Red America are fueling the massive success of Duck Dynasty. A new study finds that Republicans were “about 50 percent more likely to tune in to the season premiere than Democrats, and Republicans who always vote in statewide elections were almost twice as likely to tune in than were Democrats.”

According to the Washington Post, the season premiere of the show “got ratings higher than a 30 percent share in 25 media markets,” which is “comparable to most Super Bowls.” And of the top 15 media markets “tuned in to the premiere, only three — Lima, Ohio, Charleston, W.Va. and Evansville, Ind. — are outside the South.”

Duck Dynasty is shattering cable television records–the season premiere two weeks ago was cable’s most-watched nonfiction telecast in history.

The study also found that “West Coasters and urbanites were least likely to watch. The show did worst in the San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles media market, where only 2.5 to 3 percent of households tuned in. New York, Boston, Las Vegas and Chicago were all near the bottom in media market performance.”