10.1 Million Saw Miley Cyrus' Mock Sex Romp on MTV

10.1 Million Saw Miley Cyrus' Mock Sex Romp on MTV

The ratings for the MTV Awards are in, showing a big bump from last year’s extravaganza with 10.1 million viewers. That’s 4 million more than 2012’s numbers–with viewers getting Miley Cyrus and her soft-core porn performance as a result. A good part of this year’s television audience–4.6 million–was built from the 12 to 34 year-old age demographic.

The 2012 MTV Awards aired on the same night that President Barack Obama gave his acceptance at the Democrat National Convention, and the award show lost viewers in droves with only 6.1 million viewers tuning in.

Despite the jump in viewership this year’s award show garnered fewer viewers than the 12.4 million from 2011.

Mliey’s slutty performance also made a hit on Twitter with 306,000 tweets per minute discussing the segment.

Another interesting aspect of the telecast has to do with someone that didn’t even take part in the show. As Lisa De Moraes points out, cable TV comedian Stephen Colbert lost a guest earlier in the month because the guest claimed to be too busy performing on the MTV Awards show. But as it turned out, that guest, the band Daft Punk, didn’t perform at all on this year’s award show.

Looks like Colbert was stood up and then lied to about it.