Box Office Predictions: 'The Butler,' 'Elysium' Will Be Trampled by Boy Band's Fans

Box Office Predictions: 'The Butler,' 'Elysium' Will Be Trampled by Boy Band's Fans

Sensei was right about The Butler winning by default last week. This week, it’s the return of the most frightening demographic–those crazed teenage fan girls.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results go as follows:

Quick note: All predictions are 4 day (Fri-Mon).

1. “One Direction: This Is Us” ($25 million) – The wave of female teenage fans is coming and will vanquish all in its path. One Direction’s concert film will easily take the top spot. The only question is how many male audience members will be dragged to this? If quite a few, expect even higher results.

2. “The Butler” ($15.7 million)  If not for lack of competition, this film would have faded a while back. Adding to the film’s problems is breakout hit We’re The Millers, which is gaining ground. The film’s buzz now stinks, so this Labor Day weekend will be the film’s last decent showing. As for Oscar talk, the film will not equal the final tally of The Help and struggle to match Zero Dark Thirty’s final gross ($95 million). Help and Zero both secured Best Picture nominations as dramas.

3. “We’re The Millers” ($14 million) – Film will easily break the $100 million mark, and is well on its way to being August’s highest grosser. Quite the embarrassment for Elysium and The Butler to see this film walk away with the August box office crown. Film will also soon pass The Hangover Part 3 to challenge The Heat and Identity Thief for this year’s top R rated comedy.

4. “Planes” ($8.5 million) – Look for this kiddie flick to break the $70 million mark. It should be noted that despite Elysium opening with We’re The Millers and Planes, Elysium doesn’t even remain in the top five. Now that’s an interesting turn of events.

5. “Getaway” ($7 million) – A good old fashioned chase movie–love it. Depending on audience reaction, film could set up a decent start. If there was one film opening this weekend that could surprise, it would be this one.

In other calls:

Closed Circuit will be lucky to break $3 million this weekend. Don’t expect high results.

That’s Sensei’s calls. Enjoy the holiday weekend.