Michigan Gives 'Man of Steel' Sequel $35M Tax Credit

Michigan Gives 'Man of Steel' Sequel $35M Tax Credit

While California desperately tries to keep film and TV production in-state, Hollywood’s production companies are raking in the dough elsewhere.

Michigan’s film office has announced it will offer $35 million to Warner brothers for shooting parts of Man of Steel 2 in Detroit. The film office claims the shoot will raise $131 million for the state, with 426 full-time jobs, 500 local vendors and hotel receipts of $5.1 million being created. Detroit is expected to represent both Metropolis and Gotham as the film features both Superman (Henry Cavill) and Batman (Ben Affleck).

Director Zack Snyder gushed, “Detroit is a great example of a quintessential city, and I know it will make the perfect backdrop for our movie. Detroit and the entire state of Michigan have been fantastic collaborators and we are looking forward to working together on this film.”

The super sequel will also shoot in Toronto.

Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful was shot in Pontiac, Michigan, and Transformers 4 was shot in Detroit.